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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man I'm Growing Fast!

Time sure flies when you are having fun with a little one. We took our first trip to the lake this past weekend and had some fun with some Great friends, the Aukes's. Although we just hung out on the deck, we had a great time and so did Fisher. He is now 3 in a half months old and is starting to try to roll over and sit up like a big boy. He has also discovered his fingers and fist and thinks that his whole fist will fit in his mouth at one time. :-) And WOW, sometimes I think he can fit the whole thing in there. Today he got to hang out with Ross Warren Brown, who is only 4 days younger than he is. They are going to be great friends.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aukes Flying for the Farm

Today I caught Josh flying a field right by our house. I couldnt resist so I ran in the house, grabbed my camera and crawled on top of my husbands "Danger Ranger" and started shooting. 320 pictures later, I and Josh decided that was enough. I think Josh had no clue I was out there taking pictures until he and I met eye to eye. But the kicker was that he was in a airplane and i was the dummy on top of the truck!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy these fun Sunday afternoon before the storm shots.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Months Old!!!

3 months old and growing so fast. Wow how time flies! I cannot believe that just three months ago we were bringing home a tiny little boy. Now he is growing like a weed and drooling like a child cutting teeth. :-) He is such a Joy to be around and is so much fun!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Travis Graduation Celebrations Invitation

The Holcomb's are very proud of their son Travis for his accomplishments in his high school career and wanted to create "celebrations" invitations for refreshments prior to his high school commencement services. I had LOTS of fun creating these too. His family is very dear to mine. Hope you enjoy these too.

I am finding that this custom invitation work is a lot of fun and I am getting more and more addicted to it each day.

And his pictures were taken by a dear friend, Amy Aukes, and they are Awesome!